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    • Hi Chris,  I have indeed read the knife thread's and must say "don't mention the war" has been comedy gold.  The mods not responding is a common tactic they use regularly. Every time they comment it refreshes the thread to the top, if they don't comment they hope it moves down the order and disappears. This ploy is used on all threads that are uncomfortable for them to deal with. Once the topic disappears from the top page, Kip will send out threatening emails, to all the contributors, that read along the lines of... "You agreed to the rules when you joined" "The rules are not open for discussion or debate" "This isn't a democracy" "Kip's word is final" "You will not mention the subject again (or this threatening email) or you will be banned for life."
    • Hi Chris! You've read that comedy show about the knives then. You couldn't write it mate. As usual the mods have completely disappeared from commenting even though everyone has said its a joke. 
    • Well we tried Frank.  I'm sure if the appeal had come from anyone other than me, the CW mods would have at least acknowledge the issue.  Sadly they're far more concerned with censoring talk of chef's knives than protecting an actual individual. (You couldn't make this up)  I can't say i'm surprised. The moderation on the CW forum is as hit and miss as CW's customer service. 
    • It is good to see some members agreed and did the right thing. But the full name is still in posts and screenshots so it appears the admin/mod team don't seem to care.
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