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    • I walked around the casinos in Macau for a few hours and there are many shops form the major brands at many casinos and shopping malls. This was at the City of Dreams shopping mall and it was surprisingly quiet on a Sunday afternoon. There were hardly any customers in the stores at all and the shop employees looked rather bored. I felt sorry for the guy at the Bvlgari store holding a tray of drinks at the entrance. What a job..
    • 40mm casual rugged Adventurer.
    • I agree with your dislike of the off centre branding! But it does look more balanced with the date and hour markers than before/other models. Also I agree with the hands not working. I think the hour hand isn’t as nicely shaped as similar from other brands. But again it is growing on me! I did go to the Manchester GTG a week ago and found the new glossy dark blue very appealing. 
    • I’m not a fan of mixing the super sharp looking hour hand with more blunt/paddle shaped minutes hand. Also I’m still not a fan of the off-center branding.   But I really like the case shape, bracelet, bezel, and especially the 40mm option.  Maybe my dislikes will grow on me? At least I know it’s not love at first sight. 
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