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    • New arrival from Italy...! Sent from my iPhone XS Max using Tapatalk
    • A bit pricey at £6,000 (incl VAT) but definitely an interesting clock for the car enthusiast! From Loupe magazine: Introducing a series of unique and highly collectable Christopher Ward desk clocks, made with V16 engine parts from a classic BRM racing car and powered by SH21. The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire has specially commissioned a run of just 14 Christopher Ward desk clocks. Each is made from a piston rod salvaged by TMB ArtMetal from a 1950 BRM Formula One car, and is powered by CW’s manual-wound in-house Calibre SH21, with its five-day power reserve. Once driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Reg Parnell, these post-war BRMs had extremely powerful and well-engineered – but intimidatingly complex – supercharged V16 engines, basically two tiny 750cc V8s placed back-to-back. “The dial design faithfully replicates the BRM’s oil pressure gauge,” says Adrian Buchmann, CW’s head of product design, “while each piston is set on a brass and polished hardwood base and fitted to its connecting rod by a specially-made brass gudgeon pin. As each connecting rod is numbered from its original manufacture, it creates a unique keepsake.” The clocks are available from the National Motor Museum, and cost £6,000 each. Currently around half of them are reserved, so be quick! More info here: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/news/launch-of-unique-timepieces-created-from-iconic-brm-pistons/
    • Use coupon code GPWELCOME for10% off: € 168.20 = US$ 185. Anything under $200 with free expedited shipping is a great deal for these! NY0040-09E - Black: https://www.gioiapura.it/orologio-solo-tempo-uomo-citizen-promaster-ny0040-09e-P62814.htm NY0040-17L - Blue: https://www.gioiapura.it/orologio-solo-tempo-uomo-citizen-promaster-ny0040-17l-P62816.htm NY0040-09W - Lumed: https://www.gioiapura.it/orologio-solo-tempo-uomo-citizen-promaster-ny0040-09w-P62815.htm  
    • That’s really nice. I do fancy a watch with a power reserve indicator. 
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