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Discussion, images, company info, news and everything else related to this watch company in Maidenhead, England.

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  2. 39 votes for the GMT so looking good! I initiated contact with CW about possibilities and cost involved for a limited edition GMT. The first response from CW was very positive and I really hope we can make this group purchase a reality. Looking forward to hearing more about the details and share with you.
  3. The GMT has the lead so far. As there is enough interest from more than 25 potential buyers, I will contact CW and see what the possibilities are. Poll on Facebook:
  4. The GMT could have a numbered dial as well. Guess we needed a 4th option.
  5. Let's see if we can make a Dartmouth Limited Edition happen. http://horology.world/forums/topic/219-dartmouth-limited-edition-dle-initial-poll/
  6. This thread is to determine if there is any interest for a Dartmouth LE. This is posted on both Horology.World and the CW Aficionados group on Facebook. I don' really want to make it forum or group specific and would like everyone to participate if they like these designs and would like to see Limited Edition. It is open to all members of the CWA / CWE and other Facebook groups, this HW and the CW Forum and any other CW fan anywhere else. No discrimination or rivalry, we're all in it for our watch hobby (and obsession). So let's call it the DLE for now. A Limited Edition or bespoke watch is usually GBP 75-100 / US$ 100-125 in addition to the full website price. No promo codes or other discounts will apply. It depends on the changes we want to make to the designs. Some changes are easy and others may be more involved, very costly or not even possible at all. There usually is a minimum order of 25 watches for a bespoke watch. https://www.christopherward.co.uk/bespoke https://www.christopherward.co.uk/c65-dartmouth-series-1-range I haven't had any contact with CW about any of these designs and this initial effort is meant to gauge interest. I am not even sure if any of these are possible or allowed at all so let's not get our hopes up too much just yet. We are offering 3 different designs based on the well received Dartmouth military watch. Please vote for any of the 3 models based on dial and movement design presented in this thread. Once a favorite is established, we then continue deciding and voting on other design features like the bezel (steel or aluminum), date or no-date, numbers on the numbered dial design, flat or gradient dial and so on for the winning model. Again, this is a vote on the main dial design and movement only. Please share with any group or forum. I assume there is economy of scale in play and more people wanting to buy one of these will increase or chance of making it happen and keep cost down. It is multiple choice so you can vote for all one, two or all three designs. And please discuss. May the best design win! Link to the poll and discussion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWAficionados/permalink/472934959961216/ 1. Clean simple dial This is close to the original design but with a different dial color and bezel, date or no-date. 2 - Numbered dial 3,6,9 - 3,9,12 or 3,6,9,12 depending on date window 3 - GMT version Other dial, bezel and color combinations can be found here:
  7. They look good Frank. Thanks! I’m torn as to which I prefer though.
  8. Here is one with steel bezel and the other one with black bezel. I like your thinking!
  9. Hi Frank! I’m gonna be a pain in the ar5e and ask for the above with date at 6 and numbers at 12, 3 and 9. Oh, and a steel bezel please! In both 3 hand and GMT versions. Any chance?
  10. A modern interpretation of the vintage Seamaster 300 the Dartmouth was based on. Original dial
  11. Dartmouth GMT Dartmouth GMT Date Gradient dial Dartmouth GMT Pepsi Dartmouth GMT Batman
  12. I was just looking at the C60s in the CW NN - and thinking what could I spend £100 on for the discount voucher! TBH I do prefer your ti C60 with the old style hands and logo! I like the C9 Single Pusher Chronograph Limited Edition that's in the NN sale. I tried one on last year and they look amazing!
  13. Nearly New Divers added: https://www.christopherward.co.uk/events/summer-sale/nearly-new-dive2/
  14. Bracelet ordered with the £100 promo code discount. I just had to order a C60 40mm as well in the Nearly New sale to get the discount. So now have 2 CW's on the way from the UK.
  15. Great pick up! I much prefer the variation #2! A good idea to get that bracelet whilst you can. 🙌
  16. I am very excited about finding the Ti C60. It was on eBay for a few days and finally couldn't resist anymore. I have seen a few with the new logo on there and these older ones are pretty rare to find for a reasonable price. Hopefully it makes it across the pond soon. It's on a leather strap and I noticed CW still sells the black titanium bracelet for this watch. They are a bit pricey at £250 (£208 without VAT) but may be I should get one while they are still available. For now, just waiting and looking at the CW pictures...
  17. Hey Frank, I hear you’ve just managed to purchase a C60 Trident Titanium Pro 600 – Var #2 with classic CW logo!! Fantastic! I can’t wait to see the photos on here! ⌚️👌😍
  18. ^^^^ nice watch Frank! This is the one I always wanted! I had it in my basket on two seperate occasions during CW sales, but it had gone both times before I could check it out!! This was perfect with the old hands and the logo at 12!
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