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  2. I think it is used for most modern Seiko watches. I removed SKX from the thread title, any Seiko is welcome here. My SARW015 starts with 61 so January 2016.
  3. A real shame about having to send it back because of that misalignment! I’ll see what date my 007 was made when I get back home. Is this system also used for other Seiko’s? I’m currently wearing my Blue Lagoon Turtle ⌚️🐢 which has the following two digits at the start: 71. Therefore, Jan 2017, which I think is about right - again I’ll check the paperwork later! Photo of me wearing my BL Turtle for work today!
  4. They do still look amazing! I’d probably go for the black as it’s more different to my green Alpinist and it comes on a bracelet! But the 089 is more of a cream than a white and also looks fab, with what may be a decent strap! If they were priced at the old Alpinist price I’d be tempted to get both the black and the cream!!
  5. Some new images are showing up. Interesting to see the 089/091 has the numbers from the outgoing model and the 087 does not. The Japanese text shows a release in January 2020.
  6. I recently ordered and received an SKX009K2. We often read about alignment issues but I was surprised to see the hour hand was misaligned. I think Could live with a bezel or chapter ring that is not perfect but I can't handle hour hand misalignments. So this one will be going back. However, it was interesting to see this SKX009 was manufactured in May 2019. I think they were officially discontinued earlier this year and was surprised to see such a late serial number. Just curious what the last month was when production finally ended. The first digit of the serial number is the last digit of the year and the second digit is the month of manufacture (1-9 for January to September, 0 for October, N for November and D for December). This one is 959706 so May 2019. It would be interesting to see when other SKX's were manufactured so please post about yours in this thread.
  7. ^^^^ I think it looks good in the picture! Glad it's not just the colour that'll be different from my green Alpinist! And glad it's keeping those amazing cathedral hands!!⌚👌😎 But it'll cost me over £200 more than my green Alpinist!!! 😰
  8. Hmmm, not sure what to think of it. It sure looks like an Alpinist and probably looks a lot better in the metal.
  9. Thanks Eddie! Those models were only in production for a few years, too bad they were discontinued and are now hard to find and pretty expensive. The SKX009 was one of the first watches I bought when I started in this watch hobby 5 years ago. The good old days when you could buy an SKX from Japan for US $110 / £90. 😎
  10. That is really nice Frank! ⌚😍
  11. Added some pictures of the SARW019 to the gallery.
  12. That's really interesting! only slight changes in 2006, which kept the look, but improved the watch. I think the new Alpinist, to be released in January, again will keep the look and further evolve the watch with improvements, for example the new movement will have a much longer power reserve. This is the link I follow for updates from some knowledgeable Seiko fans: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/**new-upcoming-seiko-watches**-2393034.html Still loving my Alpinist - couldn't resist attaching photos! ⌚👌😍
  13. I am tempted to get a new Alpinist SARB017 in the mid to upper $400s while they are still available. I returned mine to Amazon last year and paid $380 for it. Should have kept it...! I am regularly searching for images and info of the new Alpinist but no luck so far..
  14. The Alpinist, the mountaineering watch with the green dial introduced previously in “Every color has a reason.” If we delve into its history, we see that the Green Alpinist was first released in 1995, and even now, close to a quarter century later, its sales remain steady, disproving an old belief that Seiko watches with green dials do not sell well. This is quite an intriguing story. In this volume, two Alpinist designers will talk with us: Shigeo Sakai, who brought the Green Alpinist into being in 1995, and Yasuhiro Kuzuya, who renewed the design in 2006. They will introduce their personal viewpoints regarding their great attention to every detail of Green Alpinist’s design, differences between the two versions, and why this watch has become such a long-seller. Read more here: https://www.seiko-design.com/en/alpinist/index.html
  15. From the Seiko Japan website (translated through Google): Limited Edition SARX063 150,000 yen (excluding tax) Limited 2,000 serial numbers included Scheduled release: November 2019 Source: Seiko Japan
  16. That’s really nice. I do fancy a watch with a power reserve indicator.
  17. New Strapcode bracelet for my SKX.
  18. I don't have too many pictures of my SARW015 but here are a few. Cool watch with interesting dial and complications.
  19. I visited Japan a few months ago and watch shopping was on my list of things to do, of course. There are a few department store chains that have all kinds of electronic goods in addition to watches. BIC Camera was my favorite as they have a very good selection with good prices. There weren't really any real bargains but prices were lower than you would find in the USA. And as a foreign visitor, you can buy tax-free so that saves money as well. But the main draw was the very large selection of watches you often only see online. Seiko was no exception and it was just fun to browse and look at all the different models I had never seen in the metal before. 100 Yen is USD 0.94 / GBP 0,75. A quick way to convert for US shoppers is to remove 2 decimals at the end from the Yen price and subtract 10%. For example, 70 000 yen is 700 - 10% = US$ 630 (Real conversion is $655). Most of these pictures were taken at BIC Camera in Tokyo and Osaka, and show the tax-free prices. The first 2 pictures are at Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  20. The limited edition blue Alpinist SPB089 is still selling for crazy money at $900 (£730) and up here in the US. So the good news is the new Alpinist will be a lot more affordable than these LEs.
  21. It's the SARW019 and I think these models are discontinued. The black dial I still have is the SARW015.
  22. ^^^^ looks good what’s the reference number? My Blue Lagoon Turtle on it’s steel bracelet - which is how I prefer to wear it.
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