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  3. Frank Wulfers

    Alpina Startimer "Sunstar" 44mm on bracelet

    Changed Status to Sold
  4. Frank Wulfers

    Discount promo codes for Christopher Ward watches

    Spend £500+ --> £100 off: 100CW18 Spend US$ 625+ --> US$ 125 off: 125CW18 Spend CA$ ?+ --> CA$ 170 off: 170CW18 Valid from 8/30 til 10/31 2018
  5. Frank Wulfers

    Design suggestions for CW watches

    C65 GMT diver with smaller GMT hand, muted orange and vintage CW logo in the right spot. C65 GMT Modern
  6. Frank Wulfers

    Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Day Date COSC

    When you think about it, the essence of motorsport is very simple: coming first, whatever the cost. But let’s be honest: the best drivers to uncork champagne from the top of the podium are the ones who did so with style; the ones who ignored radio orders to let somebody overtake; in other words, the ones who dared to be different. The C7 Rapide Day Date COSC shares that exact same philosophy. With its matte black case and dial, its design is a reaction to the brightly coloured motorsport watches atypical of the industry. Instead, it’s a stealthy supercar of a watch, with the aerodynamic curve of its lugs highlighted against a racing stripe-inspired red aluminium band. Speedometer-inspired second hand and the first ten minutes of its outer track are finished in the same colour, providing distinctive contrast whilst also being – there’s no other word for it – cool. Like any Constructor’s team challenging for the Championship, precision and power sit at the heart of Formula 1. That’s why the ETA 2836 movement inside the Day Date is chronometer-certified, placing it within the top 6% of Swiss watches for accuracy. And for those wild weekends after a podium place finish in Monaco, its day date complication will help you to reacclimatise when you wake up on an unfamiliar-looking yacht. Beautiful inside and out, the C7 Rapide Day Date is the dark horse of our motorsport collection. And like many sought-after classic sports cars, its limited edition status (only 100 have been made) means you’re the owner of something truly special. Features Swiss made Limited edition of 100 pieces 25 jewel self-winding chronometer movement Hour, minute, central seconds, day date function Black DLC coated 316L stainless steel and red aluminium four-piece case Black anodised aluminium bezel with 5 minute markers Anti-reflective flat sapphire crystal SuperLuminova® indexes Day date window with black disc Screw-in crown Deep-stamped screw-down backplate with unique engraved serial number Technical Diameter: 42mm Height: 11.15mm Weight: 71g Calibre: ETA 2836 COSC Case: DLC coated steel and aluminium Water Resistance: 10 ATM (100 metres) Vibrations: 28,800 per hour (4 Hz) Timing Tolerance: -4/+6 seconds per day Lug to lug: 48.2mm Strap: 22mm
  7. Frank Wulfers

    What watch are you wearing today?

  8. Mike Copeman

    Watch repair by Christopher Ward

    I can understand some delays because of our borders but the way your watch was shipped back to you is inexcusable. CW needs to invest in watch service pods for repairs and warranty work. You are right when you say there packaging attempt was unprofessional. I had my Breitling serviced in another part of Canada and it was returned in a service module in a small box, very efficient and I am sure less costly than shipping another large watch box. The Breitling took 6 weeks in country, so I guess 3 months across the pond sounds almost reasonable. Glad you got it back.........great looking watch. Cheers, Mike.
  9. Frank Wulfers

    Watch repair by Christopher Ward

    The watch was back in my possession on July 9 and the repair was made under warranty. The repair sheet showed 'crown head replaced' and watch kept for observation for 5 days. The good news is winding of the watch feels like new again. The time it took, communication and packaging is something that could be improved though, especially for an internet-only company. April 19: Watch shipped from USA April 24: Arrived in UK May 11: Delivery to CW after customs clearance June 16: Received an order confirmation email. i assume this is when they started the repair. It was a bit confusing though because there was no mention this was for the repair. June 30: Received a dispatch email with order tracking number. Similar order email format, even though it wasn't really an order. July 9: Delivered at my office I sent in just the watch head wrapped in microfiber cloth and then in a box with lots of bubble wrap. This is how it was returned: It just doesn't seem the best way to protect and ship a 100g watch head in a 650g watch box that I will probably just throw out. And it doesn't look very professional. They added some bubble wrap between the top of the cushion and case lid but the watch head could still slide around. I am glad the watch is repaired but it just took a long time and the process and communication from a customer point of view could be improved upon. Just some honest feedback that may be helpful to CW and not wanting to sound like a complainer. So.... It took almost 3 months from shipping it out to receiving it back. Just one of the downsides of an overseas internet-only watch company but it is what it is.
  10. Frank Wulfers

    Watch repair by Christopher Ward

    Update May 10: With the 5-8 weeks repair schedule, it was probably going to take 2-3 months before I will receive my watch back. Mine is only a small issue of a slipping crown which hopefully is a small repair. Oh well, fortunately I have a few other watches in the collection. At least it is not missing. I sent another email to CW yesterday (no response yet) and noticed an update on the Parcelfore tracking site. May 10 - Delivery scheduled May 11 - Delivered Looks like things were moving again!
  11. I sent in my C60 Vintage for a small repair from the US on April 19. It was shipped with Priority Mail International and should take about 7-10 days. I returned watches to CW before and they usually get delivered in about a week. I sent an email to CW and they replied with the following info: Is this slow process for custom clearance common? Other shipments with watches to the UK usually go through customs quickly. Wouldn't there be some kind of exception for watches that will not be imported and exported again? Who needs to pay those charges? It's a bit frustrating for it to take almost 3 weeks so far and nothing happening. This is tracking info from Parcelforce.
  12. Frank Wulfers

    Alpina Alpiner 4 Automatic - Black

    REF. AL-525BS5AQ6B
  13. I had the black Alpiner GMT before (twice actually) and am tempted again at this price. That's a lot of watch for these prices. Just wish it was a bit smaller than 44mm. Am very tempted by the silver dial this time, never seen it this low. CFW is a good seller with easy returns. Black - US$ 613 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Alpina-Alpiner-Black-Dial-Stainless-Steel-Mens-Watch-AL-550G5AQ6B/272977300129 Silver - US$ 538 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Alpina-Alpiner-Silver-Dial-Stainless-Steel-Mens-Watch-AL550S5AQ6B-/272999337974 More pictures of my previous black Alpiner 4 GMT here if you want to be tempted:
  14. Frank Wulfers

    What watch are you wearing today?

  15. A list of current and previous promo codes. Use codes in the Promo Code field (not the Add Voucher field). 10% off everything: MOD10 ongoing - no expiry date Summer 2017 vouchers - Valid until 30/06/17 Spend £300+ --> £50 off: 50SUN17 Spend £500+ --> £100 off: 100SUN17 Spend £750+ --> £150 off: 150SUN17 Spend $375+ --> $65 off: 65SUN17 Spend $625+ --> $125 off: 125SUN17 Spend €350+ --> €60 off: 60SUN17 Spend €600+ --> €120 off: 120SUN17 Black Friday 2017 Up to £345 - use code 50XMAS17 Between £345 and £500 - Use code MEGA15 Between £500 and £660 - Use code 100XMAS17 Anything above £660 - Use code MEGA15 Spring Forward event - expires 25 March 2018 15% off entire CW collection Promo code: FORWARD15 Summer 2018 vouchers - expires 30 June 2018 Spend £500+ --> £100 off: 100SUN18 Spend $625+ --> $125 off: 125SUN17 15% off all C60 Trident - 26-30 July 2018 Promo code: TRIDENT15
  16. Email from Christopher Ward: Take a Trident with you on your adventures this summer, with 15% OFF ALL C60 TRIDENTS*. From the quartz-powered C60 Trident 300 and Chronograph 300 – ideal for anyone who needs a watch that’s ready to pick up and go – through to automatic beauties like the 316L Limited Edition – Yellow and Bronze Pro 600, there’s a C60 for everyone. Simply enter code TRIDENT15 in the promo code box at checkout to apply the saving. Offer ends Midnight, Monday 30 July 2018. *Offer valid until midnight 30 July 2018 on all C60 Tridents including Limited Editions and Preorders, but excluding Sale, Clearance and Nearly New items. T&Cs apply, see our website for details.
  17. Frank Wulfers

    What watch are you wearing today?

    New arrival.
  18. Frank Wulfers

    Opening of Oris boutique in Zurich

    Found this post on Facebook: Oris is proud to announce the opening of the stylish new Oris Boutique, Zurich, an experiential space that showcases the very best of Oris’s independent culture. The innovative, lively space on Zurich’s fashionable Rennweg is set over two floors, covering 110m2. The ground floor will be devoted to retail and will offer visitors an immersive Oris experience, transporting them to the beautiful Waldenburg Valley and the Swiss town of Hölstein, where Oris has been making watches since 1904. Oris CEO Mr Studer said: ‘.... The independent spirit of the company has always been to create beautifully designed, high-quality, accessible watches that make sense in the real world – the new boutique makes the Oris story and our watches more accessible and more real than ever before. We look forward to welcoming Oris customers from all over the world into this new boutique. The new Oris Boutique, Zurich will open at Rennweg 27. email boutique.zuerich@oris.ch / Telephone +41 44 210 17 07.
  19. Frank Wulfers

    What watch are you wearing today?

    Rocket hands! Happens every hour. You can't unsee it but it's a good thing. This Seiko is equal to CW C60 and Oris quality.
  20. Frank Wulfers

    Design suggestions for CW watches

    If you don't want to pay more than full price and wait 8 months for the FB LE , you could buy a blue/blue and a white/black C60, swap out the bezels and sell the blue/black one.. FB LE on strap: £720 (US$ 800 excl VAT) 2 x £560 (after voucher code) = £1120 (US$ 1250 excl VAT) Even if you want to pay the same price as the FB LE for this modified white/black (that's all that CW does anyways), you only have to sell the blue/black for £440 / US$450 and you probably can sell it for more. Similar color scheme as the blue/black Aquis. You wouldn't have the red seconds hand and twin flags but that's only a plus for me. The red hand makes it look a bit cheap and the blue/white looks better with a polished seconds hand, in my sincerest opinion. And you don't have to wait for 8 months.
  21. Frank Wulfers

    What watch are you wearing today?

    Found a good deal on this Alpina but the watch is not the same as shown on Amazon. It doesn't have the 60 minute dive-bezel, strap was cut to fit (fits fine for me though) so was used before and it didn't include the sail yacht model in this LE package. Fortunately Amazon has easy returns so it's going back. Too bad, this rubber strap is the most comfortable I have ever worn. The one that was advertised is the same I had before.
  22. There already is a Facebook group about CW watches but there are no rules there can only be one CW group on FB. To bring some variety, I started a new group called Christopher Ward Aficionados (CWA). It's a closed group so you have join to see the content and post yourself. The goal is to have mostly content about CW watches and the company. Sorry, no food pictures, aftershave collections, share what you had for dinner or whatever else is not about watches. So the content should be a lot more focused and interesting for us CW Aficionados. Posts about other watches and brands are perfectly fine but would be nice when they relate to CW watches or the company. Aficionado: a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity Come jun the fun! https://www.facebook.com/groups/222274301693951/
  23. Frank Wulfers

    Design suggestions for CW watches

    Thanks guys. It's fun to play around with the designs. Unfortunately they will just remain wishful thinking as we don't have any influence on their design process. Welcome to Horology.World! 👍
  24. Mike Copeman

    What watch are you wearing today?

    Sorry for the old photo. This Oris has been on my wrist since May 11th when I picked it up. Cheers, Mike.
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