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    Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S review

    Hello nordwulf, I bought the Oceanus Oceanus OCW-S5000-1AJF. Unfortunately the second hand hits the indexes inaccurately. Although I carried out the calibration. I am really disappointed. I don't want to upload any pictures here, but if you want I can email you some. Dear greetings
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  4. New arrival from Italy...! Sent from my iPhone XS Max using Tapatalk
  5. Ref: 1592.41.41.0217 MOVEMENT ETA 2836-2, power reserve 38h, 28’800 v.p.h, 25 jewels, 1 ball bearing CASE Stainless steel, screw down case back, screws-locked crown CRYSTAL Scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal DIMENSIONS ∅ 42 mm / 11.70 mm DIAL Light silver or black with runic ornamentation STRAP & CLASP Stainless steel, folding clasp FUNCTIONS Hour, minute, second, date
  6. A bit pricey at £6,000 (incl VAT) but definitely an interesting clock for the car enthusiast! From Loupe magazine: Introducing a series of unique and highly collectable Christopher Ward desk clocks, made with V16 engine parts from a classic BRM racing car and powered by SH21. The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire has specially commissioned a run of just 14 Christopher Ward desk clocks. Each is made from a piston rod salvaged by TMB ArtMetal from a 1950 BRM Formula One car, and is powered by CW’s manual-wound in-house Calibre SH21, with its five-day power reserve. Once driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Reg Parnell, these post-war BRMs had extremely powerful and well-engineered – but intimidatingly complex – supercharged V16 engines, basically two tiny 750cc V8s placed back-to-back. “The dial design faithfully replicates the BRM’s oil pressure gauge,” says Adrian Buchmann, CW’s head of product design, “while each piston is set on a brass and polished hardwood base and fitted to its connecting rod by a specially-made brass gudgeon pin. As each connecting rod is numbered from its original manufacture, it creates a unique keepsake.” The clocks are available from the National Motor Museum, and cost £6,000 each. Currently around half of them are reserved, so be quick! More info here: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/news/launch-of-unique-timepieces-created-from-iconic-brm-pistons/
  7. Use coupon code GPWELCOME for10% off: € 168.20 = US$ 185. Anything under $200 with free expedited shipping is a great deal for these! NY0040-09E - Black: https://www.gioiapura.it/orologio-solo-tempo-uomo-citizen-promaster-ny0040-09e-P62814.htm NY0040-17L - Blue: https://www.gioiapura.it/orologio-solo-tempo-uomo-citizen-promaster-ny0040-17l-P62816.htm NY0040-09W - Lumed: https://www.gioiapura.it/orologio-solo-tempo-uomo-citizen-promaster-ny0040-09w-P62815.htm
  8. That’s really nice. I do fancy a watch with a power reserve indicator.
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  10. New Strapcode bracelet for my SKX.
  11. Sent from my iPhone XS Max using Tapatalk
  12. Changed Status to Sold Sold for $625
  13. I don't have too many pictures of my SARW015 but here are a few. Cool watch with interesting dial and complications.
  14. I visited Japan a few months ago and watch shopping was on my list of things to do, of course. There are a few department store chains that have all kinds of electronic goods in addition to watches. BIC Camera was my favorite as they have a very good selection with good prices. There weren't really any real bargains but prices were lower than you would find in the USA. And as a foreign visitor, you can buy tax-free so that saves money as well. But the main draw was the very large selection of watches you often only see online. Seiko was no exception and it was just fun to browse and look at all the different models I had never seen in the metal before. 100 Yen is USD 0.94 / GBP 0,75. A quick way to convert for US shoppers is to remove 2 decimals at the end from the Yen price and subtract 10%. For example, 70 000 yen is 700 - 10% = US$ 630 (Real conversion is $655). Most of these pictures were taken at BIC Camera in Tokyo and Osaka, and show the tax-free prices. The first 2 pictures are at Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  15. The limited edition blue Alpinist SPB089 is still selling for crazy money at $900 (£730) and up here in the US. So the good news is the new Alpinist will be a lot more affordable than these LEs.
  16. It's the SARW019 and I think these models are discontinued. The black dial I still have is the SARW015.
  17. ^^^^ great watch! I had similar but the brand name at 9 spoiled mine!! Also the bracelet didn’t have the fine/quick adjustment!
  18. ^^^^ looks good what’s the reference number? My Blue Lagoon Turtle on it’s steel bracelet - which is how I prefer to wear it.
  19. From the past. One of many I wish I still owned today.
  20. I had this one briefly before I got the black dial version.
  21. I think the previous model was available for around £300 about 18 months ago when it was discontinued. The new ones are going to be about £570 😲
  22. Dispite the much higher price I think they will still be popular! And tbh they will still be good value!
  23. I didn't look at the prices.. I figured they would be about the same as the previous model. But not sure what the MSRP was of those. $700 at full price is quite high and they will probably be offered for less. Seiko watches are slowly but steadily going up in price.
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