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  3. Mick, thanks so much for your kind words about the review. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Planet Ocean as well.
  4. Fantastic review, very detailed, great photos. You could write reviews for a watch magazine. With my time with a Planet Ocean, I agree with everything you said. It is an amazing watch
  5. I walked around the casinos in Macau for a few hours and there are many shops form the major brands at many casinos and shopping malls. This was at the City of Dreams shopping mall and it was surprisingly quiet on a Sunday afternoon. There were hardly any customers in the stores at all and the shop employees looked rather bored. I felt sorry for the guy at the Bvlgari store holding a tray of drinks at the entrance. What a job..
  6. 40mm casual rugged Adventurer.
  7. I agree with your dislike of the off centre branding! But it does look more balanced with the date and hour markers than before/other models. Also I agree with the hands not working. I think the hour hand isn’t as nicely shaped as similar from other brands. But again it is growing on me! I did go to the Manchester GTG a week ago and found the new glossy dark blue very appealing.
  8. I’m not a fan of mixing the super sharp looking hour hand with more blunt/paddle shaped minutes hand. Also I’m still not a fan of the off-center branding. But I really like the case shape, bracelet, bezel, and especially the 40mm option. Maybe my dislikes will grow on me? At least I know it’s not love at first sight.
  9. It's a bit disappointing there isn't all that much that is unique to the new C60 Mk3 design. The previous design used the same hands as the Bremont Supermarine and the wavy Omega Seamaster dial and Planet Ocean bezel. This new one duplicates the glossy ceramic dial of the Plane Ocean and the bezel with the type of font is pretty much the same as well. The C60 strap also seems greatly inspired by the PO. The Trident seconds hand seems to be original to the C60 but that's about it. I imagine it can be difficult to come up with a unique design but was hoping CW would go more their own way and design for their most important model. But I guess playing it safe and go the 'homage' way is better for sales.
  10. Review from Average Bros, doesn't allow to embed here on the forum so watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFB4B6DeUzg
  11. Reviews are popping up on the interwebs. https://www.t3.com/news/christoper-ward-c60-trident-3-review In German: https://diveintowatches.com/2019/05/01/hands-on-christopher-wards-neue-trident-pro-600-mk-iii/ Not a review but nice picture.
  12. @McDaWisel Yeah, that's always a bummer. We're lucky in the US where there is no import duty/tax up to $800 and low duty and no tax for anything above $800.
  13. Also doesn’t include VAT which gets added @20% when you select an EU country 😞
  14. Good deal for the Elite. US$ 892 = GBP 684 I was about to order but then realized I would buy it for the deal and not because I liked the watch.. Edit: must have been a pricing mistake because it is now back up to $1425.
  15. Summer 2019 promo codes Spend £500+ --> £100 off: 100SUN19 Spend US$ 625+ --> US$ 125 off: 125SUN19 Spend CA$ ?+ --> CA$ 170 off: 170SUN19 Spend EUR ?+ --> €120.00 off: 120SUN19 The US and CA codes are not working yet but I assume they will be at 00:00 midnight EST in a few hours.
  16. Sorry, couldn't help myself.. I just really don't like the brand name and the word mark position. Also missing the TRIDENT PRO line on the dial.
  17. It's hard to say Chris, most watches look different when you have them on your wrist and view them in different kind of light situations. Was watching the reviwe from WIAA, checked the website and noticed the Elite is discounted by a significant amount. The UK website has the regular price. Not sure if this is an error but looks like a pretty good deal if they let it go through for that price. US$ 1,017 converts to £ 780 which is very tempting.. Same thing on the EU website.
  18. Thanks McDaWisel, I suspect you've ordered the newer version with the logo at 9pm not 12? Hopefully they've improved the lume on the newer ones. It's a great stealth watch tho and very light. It's the watch I chose to bring on a 4 day stag do in Poland recently so it obviously gets my approval. I had a friend at school that had the remote watch, it was very cool then but I still had a betamax video player with a lead attached to the remote so wouldn't of been much use to me.
  19. Cheers for the pictures Frank. I'm still not swayed tho. I think they'll struggle with press too as the hour hand doesn't photograph at all well. The silver always seems to disappear on one side and make the hand look bent no matter which angle you look at it. Could be a real problem for an internet only company. I know all the CW's I've had in the past always looked much better in the flesh but will Joe public take the leap?
  20. And they are on the website. Now just waiting for the promo codes.. Anyone who will get a new C60 Mk3? https://www.christopherward.co.uk/watches/new-releases/c60-trident-pro-600-mk3 https://www.christopherward.co.uk/watches/new-releases/c60-trident-gmt-600-mk3 https://www.christopherward.co.uk/watches/dive/c60-trident-elite-1000-range
  21. Official information for the 42mm: C60 Trident Pro 600 An evolution rather than a revolution, the new C60 Trident Pro 600 Mk 3 builds upon the successes of Tridents past, incorporating refined visuals and technical upgrades that cement its place as one of the world's finest dive watches. Even with these changes, it's still recognisably a Trident - and that means its modern dive watch features will look good just about anywhere. Description If there's a watch that epitomises the progress of Christopher Ward, it's the C60 Trident. And in this Mk 3 edition, released to celebrate a decade of our bestselling dive range, everything we've learned in those ten years has been harnessed into making this Trident our very best yet. Attention has been paid to every detail of the Mk 3, no matter how small. Its glossy lacquered dial is accentuated with newly brushed and polished indexes for optimum legibility; Grade X1 GL C1 Super-LumiNova® has been liberally applied throughout, including on the Mk 3's fully tracked zirconia ceramic bezel. Appropriately for a range named after the three-pronged fork of Poseidon, the Mk 3's new hour hand is a bold triangular design that offers excellent contrast against its baton-shaped minute partner. Yet the biggest addition is the inclusion of our signature case design complete with flowing 'light-catcher' lines. It's both graceful and reassuringly substantial - crucial for a dive watch water-resistant to depths of 600m. The Pro 600 Mk 3 is a premium dive watch; not only in its looks, but its feel too. Every tactile element has been focussed on - for example, the internal threading of the crown has been improved so that winding and engaging Trident Mk 3's functions are delightfully smooth; another upgrade is its unidirectional bezel, which now boasts a more satisfying action and responsive click. It's this commitment to detail - inside and out - that makes the C60 Trident Pro 600 Mk 3 a momentous addition to the Trident family on its tenth birthday. Movement One of the main continuities between C60 Trident Pro 600 Mk 3 and its predecessors is the Sellita SW200-1 movement that provides its ever-dependable heart. A Swiss-made automatic calibre widely used throughout the horological industry, the SW200-1 is a byword for robustness and reliability. Its anti-shock system will protect its inner workings during all manner of activities and impacts - think entering the water before a dive and more - while its 4Hz frequency also ensures a smooth 8 ticks per second, above the water and below. A 38 hour power reserve means a fully wound Pro 600 will last for well over a day off the wrist, while its rotor has also received a Colimaçoné finish before being engraved with our twin flags pattern. Although few will see it behind the Pro 600's backplate, it's indicative of the level of detail present throughout this watch. And if you're wondering why, amongst the other changes and upgrades made, the Sellita SW200-1 remains such an integral part of Trident 3: it's because it's the best possible movement for this watch, right here, right now. Technical Diameter: 42mm Height: 13.4mm Weight: 95g Weight with 21cm bracelet: 194g Calibre: Sellita SW200 Case: 316L Stainless Steel Water resistance: 60 ATM (600 metres) Vibrations: 28,800 per hour (4 Hz) Timing tolerance: -20/+20 seconds per day Dial colour: Blue Lume: Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 GL C1 Lug to Lug: 49.3mm Bracelet width: 22mm Features Swiss made Self-winding mechanical movement 38 hour power reserve Date calendar Central hacking seconds Anti-shock system Twin-flag engraving over 'Colimaçoné' finish on the rotor Brushed and polished marine-grade stainless steel case Embossed screw-in crown with improved internal threading Unidirectional zirconia ceramic bezel 3.4mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal Polished dial with 'twin flags' matte finished at 12 o'clock Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 GL C1 hands, indexes and bezel Top-brushed indexes with diamond polished facets Sandblasted and polished hands Signature Trident counter-balance on seconds hand Screw-down deep-stamped 3D backplate Unique engraved serial number Marine-grade stainless steel bracelet with micro-adjustable ratchet clasp and quick-release system for easy changing Eco-friendly luxury presentation case and owner's handbook
  22. Official images from CW...! 38mm 42mm 38mm 40mm 42mm
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