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Seiko Alpinist - the difference between the 1995 and 2006 version

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The Alpinist, the mountaineering watch with the green dial introduced previously in “Every color has a reason.” If we delve into its history, we see that the Green Alpinist was first released in 1995, and even now, close to a quarter century later, its sales remain steady, disproving an old belief that Seiko watches with green dials do not sell well. This is quite an intriguing story. In this volume, two Alpinist designers will talk with us: Shigeo Sakai, who brought the Green Alpinist into being in 1995, and Yasuhiro Kuzuya, who renewed the design in 2006. They will introduce their personal viewpoints regarding their great attention to every detail of Green Alpinist’s design, differences between the two versions, and why this watch has become such a long-seller.

Read more here: https://www.seiko-design.com/en/alpinist/index.html

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That's really interesting! only slight changes in 2006, which kept the look, but improved the watch. I think the new Alpinist, to be released in January, again will keep the look and further evolve the watch with improvements, for example the new movement will have a much longer power reserve.

This is the link I follow for updates from some knowledgeable Seiko fans:


Still loving my Alpinist - couldn't resist attaching photos! 👌😍




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