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CW Aficionados C65 GMT Limited Edition

C65 GMT - Dartmouth group buy  

5 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Vote for all models you would buy

    • Option 1: C65 GMT hands: £895 (£746 ex VAT)
    • Option 2: Dartmouth hands with date at 3 - £995 (£829 ex VAT)
    • Option 3: Dartmouth hands - no date: £1050 (£875 ex VAT)
    • Option 4: Dartmouth hands - date at 6: £1095 (£912 ex VAT)

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The dark turquoise color came out ahead in the recent poll so that's the color we'll be going with for this LE. The teal color also has a good number of votes and too bad we can do both.


Any thoughts on what we should name this watch?

I checked with CW and we can give it any name we want as long as it is not patented. So something like Explorer won't be possible. Let's just brainstorm and see what we can come up with.

An obvious choice is CW Aficionados GMT or CWA GMT. I also like Adventurer GMT (with a nod to Explorer), World Traveller GMT, Traveller GMT or something similar adventurous.

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Name this watch..! Thanks everybody for the suggestions with names for this CWA LE. I picked a few favorites from the responses and I think all these names are a great fit for this watch.

You can vote for as many as you like. Final approval of the favorite choice is required by CW to make sure the name can be used for a watch.





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Calypso was the most popular name with Meridian in second place. I checked with Chris to see if we could use either of those names but both are already existing watch brands.

it seems a good unique name is difficult to find with so many watch brands and models available these days. Guess we can still use it as an unofficial nickname.

I think it is best to just go with no name on the dial and keep it simple. An engraving on the back showing "CWA 2020 Limited Edition" would be nice, I think.



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I received the final design proposals and now it is time start an official list with names of buyers. Serious buyers only please so we will get an accurate final number for CW to provide a final price for this LE. In general, these LE watches are not returnable like their regular watches with 60-day returns. Minimum number needed is 25, more buyers will be better. Please share with your watch friends! Also available through our CWA group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWAficionados/

£895 (£746 ex VAT) - converts to: €1037 (incl VAT) - US$ 960 - CA$ 1257 - AU$ 1400 at current exchange rates. Tax and import duty may apply when imported in your country outside the UK and EU. Prices quoted are on a leather or hybrid strap, add £100 for a bracelet.

All technical details and price are the same as the C65 GMT: https://www.christopherward.com/c65-vintage-gmt-644501
Design details from the C65 Dartmouth: https://www.christopherward.com/watches/retro-dive/c65-dartmouth-series-1-range

If you want to join in on this group CWA 2020 Limited Edition and add your name to the list, please send me a personal message through this forum or email to fwulfers <at> gmail.com with "CWA 2020 LE" in the subject line and these details:

First and last name:
Email address: 
Strap or bracelet: 
Personalised engraving (if any):
Requested serial number if any (CWA-002 through CWA-025):

More serial numbers above 25 may become available depending on the number of buyers.
I assume we can specify strap type and color when the watches are at CW headquarters and ready for shipping.

You can also reply in this thread so others can follow what is happening, how many buyers are joining in, requested serial numbers and so on.

When the list is complete, CW will contact each buyer so they can set up an order in their system.

I asked CW a few questions:

Q: Final pricing details?
A: It depends on final number – will finalise price then

Q: Deposit needed? 
A: no

Q: Is deposit non-refundable or refundable if buyer has to cancel for personal or other reasons?
A: don’t worry…

Q: Expected delivery date for customers to receive their LE watch?
A: from receiving the finished list….say 3-4 months

Q: Return policy for bespoke watches?
A: none as will be personally engraved… obviously if problems occur then 60:60 applies






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I am just a buyer like anyone else and I request serial number CWA-001....!  :)

On a side note, CWA-000 will be assigned to a protoype that will be kept at CW headquarters.

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We currently have 11 confirmed buyers on the reservation list so still need quite a few more.

These serial numbers are still available: 5, 9, 11, 12, 15 through 24

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It doesn't look good this will make it into production because we only have 12 buyers from the Facebook group so not even half way. Black Friday and Christmas are probably not the best time of year for a LE purchase like this so not the greatest timing.

Signup will end after this weekend so buyers will know they don't have to reserve and budget their money for this group purchase.

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Yes it is a difficult time of year for such a project. It might be worth promoting it on boxing day - as it's a massive buying day for a lot of people!


Best wishes with it - I'm sure you'll get your other 13 buyers either on Boxing day or early next year once all of the Xmas and Black Friday spending is over!

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