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My EDC watch kit. Just in case you can't make it home and you have to be prepared for any situation. Bracelet, nato, zulu, rubber, canvas 2-piece, leather. No problem! Bracelet adjustment tools, spare spring bars and spring bar/pusher tools. 

Zombies, casino in Monte Carlo, deep sea diving, polar exploration, saving the world from bad guys and just looking good at the office. You never know what life throws at you.

Be prepared my watch friends!



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I just got this organizer for other EDC stuff and experimenting with ways to use it. So not all these items will be EDC. But spring bar and pin pusher tools and a few straps will be nice to have on hand at any time. And perhaps the spring bar pliers and spare spring bars. So yeah, maybe most of it when travelling. 

The organizer is the Fatty from Maxpedition and they make all kinds of bags, pouches and other things like that. I mainly got this for travelling as I usually have all these things loose in my travel back pack. This is so much easier to have it all in one place. 

I have a small Fenix E12 flash light, Ontario RAT cutting thingy, USB iPhone cable and charger, head phones, spare battery, ear plugs, pen. sharpie and the same Leatherman Rebar multitool as Disjt has. Plus passport, phone and reading glasses and this will be easy to put in a seat pocket and have on hand when flying. Of course without the items that are prohibited on an airplane.

I am not a hardcore EDC-er or doomsday prepper but I do like to have things organized.



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