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New Christopher Ward C60 Trident designs for 2019 ?

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The new Christopher Ward C60 is expected in 2019, according to chatter on social media and forums. A recent video about the history of the brand shows the CW team looking over drawings of designs for the new C60 Trident.

The hands are the most recognizable feature of the current C60 and it looks like they are experimenting with different shapes. One of the pictures shows a drawing with a bit more streamlined version of the onion hour hand. I think that would be my preference as it will retain the same look but created a bit more modern design.

All designs show the twinflag motif at 12 and the Christopher Ward wordmark at 9. A much better and more balanced design would be to switch these around. The twinflags at 9 would balance out the date at 3 and the wordmark at 12 is where it belongs. That's my opinion but I think many others share this thought.

The case and bezel appear to be mostly the same as the current C60. I think most Trident owners are happy with the current design so no need to reinvent the C60.

The Trident is currently offered in 38mm and 43mm sizes. A slightly smaller 42mm would be welcome but I guess it is safe to assume it will remain at 43mm. The small C60 may appeal to more buyers when it would be 40mm.

Link to the video: https://www.christopherward.com/ourstory






In the image below on the left, the twinflags added to the 12 o'clock position to the current C60. The image on the right shows the wordmark at 12 and the twinflags at 9 creates a much better balance.


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