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Frank Wulfers

New C65 Automatic and GMT Red-Blue for early Spring 2019

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From the November issue of Loupe:

Two glorious new iterations of the smash hit C65 Collection are coming our way early next year…

The first C65 Trident Divers were all hand-wound watches, and now here’s an automatic take on the theme. But wait! There’s more to this new version than that, for along with the new movement comes a new dial design too… Due early spring.


The classic so-called ‘Pepsi’ colour combination for dive watches, with a bezel rendered half in red and half in blue, gets a fresh outing with this new variation on the C65 design. Made popular by one of the great watch icons, Rolex’s celebrated GMT-Master, it features carefully selected muted red and blue bezel colours and the C65 GMT design, making this watch far more than a simple homage. The first red-and-blue GMT-Master was launched in 1954, but the new version seen at Baselworld 2018 was one of the hits of the show; may we suggest that the C65 ‘Pepsi’ might just be one of the hits of 2019 too? Due early spring.


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