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    I visited London for 3 days in November last year. Looking at watches is always on my mind and there seems to be no shortage in a city like London. The watch department at Harrods is under construction as mentioned in a thread on CWF. The current set up felt a bit closed in and just not too welcoming for a major wach purchase. Unless you are shopping for the more expensive brands. Omega and Tudor are my current entry-level luxury favorites and I think they all showed regular full retail prices. It's nice to see most models in the same spot and the Ranger and North Flag were the ones I liked most. Actually more than I thought I would like them. At the outside, the Horloger display in one of the windows was nice to see. Selfridges was a nice department store to visit. Their watch department is quite big and open. I started with a picture of their Bremont watch display but soon got an evil look from one of the salesmen. Not sure why they didn't like someone taking pictures.. Along that same street are many other stores of the major brands so I just spent some time window shopping. I didn't go inside any of these stores as I didn't really care to talk to any sales staff. Not very exciting phone pictures but I went to Harrods and Selfridges on different days after sightseeing during the day and was a bit cold/tired at the end of the day. But is was a nice experience to look at things I probably will never own. But that's fun as well.
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