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    oh dear...where to start... Hideous blemish at 9, fuzzy felt logo at 12, the poorly implemented hand rear / lume over lap, the missing guilloche, the lack of 40mm GMT, the lack of 38 or 40 MM LE, the crown guards that don't guard the crown (why did they bother) or the price of the LE??? At this point I'm convinced CW are deliberately listening to peoples wishes and doing the exact opposite to be "edgy" The case, case back and the lumed bezel are all very nice but not enough to convince me to overlook the rest. Saved me a few quid tho.
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    Looks great on that strap! ⌚😍
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    Gotta make room for these 4!
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    Couldn’t agree more - love their watches and just can’t get my head around the 9 o’clock logo (or the chosen font for that matter). Way preferred the old logo at 12, but like you, I could get comfortable with a more substantial flag logo at 12 in with white or silver. They attribute their increased sales to their rebranding in 2016, but that’s rubbish - their products continue to improve and their marketing budget has clearly increased too. They’d get much more of a following if they at least centred the logo. Love the fact that the C60 is going to come in a 38mm, 40mm and 42mm; I’ve been holding out for one rather than giving in to the SMP given they’re much better value for money (and 40mm is my sweet spot). However, if those pre-released teaser pictures are real and they’ve put those skinny/pointy hands on and kept the logo at 9 o’clock without making the flags more prominent at 12 o’clock, I’m definitely out which would be a real shame. I just don’t understand what their management are thinking ruining the symmetry of the watch like that. Loved the old C60 hands too; seems like they’re losing the best bits of the watch other than the new sizes which will be much better on the new version
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    Hi Frank, Glad to see you're still up and running. Cheers for sharing the pics. I see all the dislike for the new hand set and at first couldn't get my head around why the hour hand looked bent but then I realised it appears to have a tail fin pointing straight upwards toward the crystal. (most noticeable in the first picture) Photographing it at an angle distorts the shape. I think it'll look much better in the flesh when the depth / shape can been better defined. Mind you, I'm not sure what a plane has to do with diving. It will certainly be unique. (we'll ignore my aquatico dive watch with an f16 fighter on the case back) I'm also confused why CW are soo embarrassed about the twin flags at 12. An applied / silver twin flag at 12 would almost make me forget the hideous blemish at 9.
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    Mondaine Gottardo 2016 is $189 at Massdrop. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/mondaine-gottardo-2016-quartz-watch Looks like a pretty good price based on a quick google search.
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    I am the proud owner of an Oceanus OCW S100-1ajf. Feels and looks great on my wrist, easy to read, easy to change time zones, and due to my location, picks up WWV every night. I also like the uncluttered and subdued face. Although this is the perfect watch for me, I can see why others might avoid it. If you want a watch that just tells time and date, this is a strong candidate. If you want a watch with a lot of seldom used features, buttons, sounds, and displays, then this watch is NOT for you. It makes a lousy toy.
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    I can understand some delays because of our borders but the way your watch was shipped back to you is inexcusable. CW needs to invest in watch service pods for repairs and warranty work. You are right when you say there packaging attempt was unprofessional. I had my Breitling serviced in another part of Canada and it was returned in a service module in a small box, very efficient and I am sure less costly than shipping another large watch box. The Breitling took 6 weeks in country, so I guess 3 months across the pond sounds almost reasonable. Glad you got it back.........great looking watch. Cheers, Mike.
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    Sorry for the old photo. This Oris has been on my wrist since May 11th when I picked it up. Cheers, Mike.
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    I have always liked your designs, Frank and I admire your ability to work in PS so creatively and seamlessly. Your design work looks flawless. As I have said before, I wish CW would have used your ideas ( Adventurer with 3,6,9,12 Roman numerals ) for the C65. Cheers, Mike.
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    All excellent and better than what CW currently designs/offers themselves.
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    I visited London for 3 days in November last year. Looking at watches is always on my mind and there seems to be no shortage in a city like London. The watch department at Harrods is under construction as mentioned in a thread on CWF. The current set up felt a bit closed in and just not too welcoming for a major wach purchase. Unless you are shopping for the more expensive brands. Omega and Tudor are my current entry-level luxury favorites and I think they all showed regular full retail prices. It's nice to see most models in the same spot and the Ranger and North Flag were the ones I liked most. Actually more than I thought I would like them. At the outside, the Horloger display in one of the windows was nice to see. Selfridges was a nice department store to visit. Their watch department is quite big and open. I started with a picture of their Bremont watch display but soon got an evil look from one of the salesmen. Not sure why they didn't like someone taking pictures.. Along that same street are many other stores of the major brands so I just spent some time window shopping. I didn't go inside any of these stores as I didn't really care to talk to any sales staff. Not very exciting phone pictures but I went to Harrods and Selfridges on different days after sightseeing during the day and was a bit cold/tired at the end of the day. But is was a nice experience to look at things I probably will never own. But that's fun as well.
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    http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/c/SALE/filter/Product-Type_Watches/Recipient_For-Him/Recipient_Unisex/ Some good deals, especially on the Oris models...
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    From the album: Hamilton Khaki Field

    Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 42mm
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    Today it’s the same watch I’ve worn every day since getting it as a wedding gift from my wife, a Christopher Ward C65 Trident Vintage...
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