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  1. I can understand some delays because of our borders but the way your watch was shipped back to you is inexcusable. CW needs to invest in watch service pods for repairs and warranty work. You are right when you say there packaging attempt was unprofessional. I had my Breitling serviced in another part of Canada and it was returned in a service module in a small box, very efficient and I am sure less costly than shipping another large watch box. The Breitling took 6 weeks in country, so I guess 3 months across the pond sounds almost reasonable. Glad you got it back.........great looking watch. Cheers, Mike.
  2. Sorry for the old photo. This Oris has been on my wrist since May 11th when I picked it up. Cheers, Mike.
  3. I have always liked your designs, Frank and I admire your ability to work in PS so creatively and seamlessly. Your design work looks flawless. As I have said before, I wish CW would have used your ideas ( Adventurer with 3,6,9,12 Roman numerals ) for the C65. Cheers, Mike.
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