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  1. It is good to see some members agreed and did the right thing. But the full name is still in posts and screenshots so it appears the admin/mod team don't seem to care.
  2. No problem at all using this forum, that's what it is here for. CW should have intervened and not have let their own employee be publicly shamed.
  3. You're complete right, they shouldn't have allowed private conversations and full employee names on the forum. I posted this in the thread and hopefully the admin team will take immediate action.
  4. I found this through another forum and hadn't seen it yet. Some interesting models that I haven't seen before either. https://www.seikowatches.com/global-en/catalog/special/basel2019/#target/page_no=1
  5. Mine gains a few seconds a day when it is stationary with dial up and looses a few seconds when wearing it during the day. I recently got a watch winder to keep it all wound up and that seems to make it run slightly faster as well. But I don't wear it all day every day. Try to put your watch in a few different positions (face up, face down, on its side with crown up) when you're not wearing it. This may speed up it up or slow it down depending on the position. My watch seems to be picking up speed just a little after 2 months of ownership and can't complain at all about the average accuracy.
  6. Jason, Thanks for your feedback and good to hear my feedback was helpful for your decision. I hope you are enjoying your new Planet Ocean. Stefanus, I don't think Omega provides a guarantee on accuracy. As mentioned in the review, accuracy can vary depending on the wearer and conditions and there are some threads on the Omega forum about accuracy.
  7. In Spain last year, can't go to the beach without a proper dive watch.
  8. On the leather strap with curved ends from the C60 Vintage.
  9. Their website just shows 'stainless steel' but not what kind. No need to service this Oceanus because there really isn't anything to service inside. You won't have to replace batteries so the back never has to be opened.
  10. C65 Vintage Mk2 with classic Chr.WARD word mark.
  11. The end links extend a bit but don't add any width to the inside of the bracelet as it almost goes straight down from the end of the lugs. Spring bar to spring bar measures 44 mm.
  12. https://www.christopherward.co.uk/events/jansale2019
  13. It's my favorite as well. I had several other colors and styles but this one is a keeper.
  14. The blue of the dial only cones out in bright light. Nothing wrong with iPhone shots, most of my pictures are from my phone these days. I mostly wear mine on a navy blue zulu and refer to it as the Redford, even though he had his SKX on a nato.
  15. I really like the dial of the 029 so that would be my choice. Not sure if these are special editions or not and of there is a great price difference but life is too short to live without a watch you really want. I owned a few Seiko watches through the years but never a Samurai. Maybe it's time..
  16. I bought an SKX009 when my watch hobby started a few years ago. I haven't worn it often lately but still a favorite. You could get some good deals from Japanese sellers at the time and I think I got mine for $120 brand new.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean a sub forum where anyone can post a thread with a new release? That would be easy to set up. I like that idea. We used to have Clubs on this site, was disabled for a while but is now back again. I re-established the CW Club with discussion topics and image galleries by the members. Any member can set up a new club (i.e. Dive Watches) and that member will automatically become the moderator of that club.
  18. The Ginza shopping district has something for Seiko fans as well. There is the Wako department store at the former site of the Hattori Clock Tower. From Wikipedia: Just to the left of the Wako store is Seiko DreamSquare. There are several floors with all their model ranges and plenty of opportunity to stock up on Seiko watches. https://dreamsquare.seikowatches.com/jp-en/
  19. I recently spent 12 days in Japan and a visit to the Seiko Museum in Tokyo was on my list. It was nice to learn a bit more about Seiko's history and see all their important watches from the past. Like many watch enthusiasts, I have a few Seiko watches myself but was not familiar with many of their older models. The museum is not very big but a nice place to spend about an hour. Their website shows it is recommended to make an appointment but I just walked in on a Friday afternoon and there were a few other visitors. There is a library on the 3rd floor as well. There is no admission charge and they are usually open every day from 10:00 - 16:00 excpet Mondays and holidays. Check their website for current hours and days. It is about a 10-minute walk from the closet subway Higashi Mukojima Station and takes you through a residential neighbourhood. I wouldn't recommend to visit Tokyo just for the museum but many visitors spend several days in Tokyo. It was a good experience and nice to take a break from the other busy areas in Tokyo. Website: https://museum.seiko.co.jp/en/ Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/FCrSEYDKwfdwDPJM9 Album with 38 pictures:
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