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  1. Voting for the dial color: http://horology.world/forums/topic/227-cwa-c65-gmt-le-dial-color/
  2. The turquoise/blue dial is leading with a good margin so it appears that will be the color for this LE.
  3. The smooth dial was the favorite by far with about 80% of the votes. The final design choice will be the dial color:
  4. The final design vote will be on the color of the dial. A few custom colors were considered and submitted to CW to make sure these would be possible. To keep it simple, there will be a choice of 2 colors to make sure we will have a clear winner. I think both will look awesome and are very unique to the C65 and probably most other CW watches. The slighter softer dial colors blend in nicely with the steel bezel and give a bit of a vintage vibe that goes well with the general C65 retro styling. Please submit your vote for the CWA LE watch in these two colors, which dial color would you buy? You can choose just one if that's the only one you would buy or choose both if it doesn't matter to you. Please share on your favorite forum, facebook or other social media to invite others on the LE group buy. We will need a minimum of 25 buyers but more will be better. The price for this custom bespoke C65 GMT on hybrid or leather strap will be £895 (£746 ex VAT) which is the same price as the regular C65 GMT. Bracelet will be an option for an additional £100. A low number LE usually is more expensive but Christopher Ward will absorb the cost difference themselves as gratitude for our support of the brand. This price converts to: €1037 (incl VAT) - US$ 960 - CA$ 1257 - AU$ 1400. For destinations outside the UK/EU, please add any import fees and duties that may be charged. Price conversions are done through Google at the time of this post so may change depending on the exchange rates. The first image for each color is the final design. The second image is a real life interpretation of the final dial and bezel combination with exception of the missing date window and lightly different hands. Turquoise Teal
  5. Now listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133236979154
  6. While we're waiting to hear back from CW about the 3rd color option, you can now vote on the smooth vs the scratched dial here:
  7. While we're waiting to hear back from CW to see if the third color besides blue and teal will be an option, let's vote on the dial surface. This is only a sample of the blue dial and will apply to the other 2 colors as well on which we'll vote in a little while. For the CWA LE watch in any of the three colors, which dial surface treatment would you buy? You can choose just one if that's the only one you would buy or choose both if it doesn't matter to you. Smooth dial Scratched dial
  8. CHRISTOPHER WARD TAKES THE C60 TRIDENT UPMARKET WITH NEW CHRONO AND TITANIUM MODELS https://wornandwound.com/christopher-ward-takes-the-c60-trident-upmarket-with-new-chrono-and-titanium-models/
  9. The image was just an impression for what the color will look like on a real watch picture. This LE will have the cricket bat hands and trident seconds hand from the other C65's and a date window at 3 as shown in the other samples.
  10. Thanks! Even though I am leading this LE project, it really is up to everybody who is joining in to share in other places like forums and social media groups. I try not to promote it too much myself as this may upset some people.
  11. I made this slightly lighter / less saturated blue than the Dartmouth blue. Something in between the teal and blue as in CW's proposal so more like a deep sea / dark turquoise blue as shown in the images below. I think that would look pretty amazing and makes it just a bit more special. https://www.color-hex.com/color/446f8a
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