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  1. It actually does this automatically but can also be done manually. The manual procedure is explained in the manual here: https://support.casio.com/global/en/wat/manual/5596_en/VPCVSYxjcurdpm.html
  2. Peter, the seconds hand hits all dial markers perfectly. And it can be adjusted if it is not. One of the reasons I will only have a quartz watch with this feature. Sorry, no experience with the S5000.
  3. Seaside village in Croatia. Sent from my iPhone XS Max using Tapatalk
  4. My favorite travel watch, switching time zones with the jumping hour hand is so easy and one of my favorite features of this watch.
  5. The 43.5 (wears like a 42) would probably be best for a 7" wrist.
  6. until
    For those who already had our Bristol GTG in their diary, please note the change of date so that our team can provide the best possible experience for our customers in both the USA and the South West of England. Please register your interest: Send email to events@christopherward.co.uk with subject 'GTG Bristol'
  7. until
    For customers living across the pond, we’re delighted to be returning to New York as official sponsors of this year’s Wind Up event. With stock available to buy on the day (stock-permitting) and free to attend, we look forward to meeting some of you in the Big Apple! https://www.windupwatchfair.com/
  8. until
    The CW team will be at Terminal 5’s Sofitel Hotel to attend WorldTimeUK: The London Watch Event 2019. It’s free to attend, with many other brands also in attendance. We hope to see you there! http://www.worldtimeuk.com
  9. until
    ‘CW on the Road’ takes place later this month at the Bloomsbury Hotel. Attendees will be able to meet and put their questions to the three co-founders, try on the Collection and just possibly see some new releases. If you’d like to attend please register: Send email to events@christopherward.co.uk with subject 'London GTG'
  10. They sell about 7,333 watches in USA/Canada and growing at 50% a year. That's about 30 watches a day. Maybe a distribution center in the US would make things go a lot smoother and faster, at least for the most popular models like the C60.
  11. From WatchPro: British watch business Christopher Ward has secured investment of £6.25 million from the British Growth Fund that will be used to accelerate growth. The company revealed last year that it had been working on attracting outside investment because the timing was right to build on the solid foundation laid down since it was founded in was created 14 years ago. Read more: https://www.watchpro.com/breaking-news-christopher-ward-secures-6-25m-investment-from-british-growth-fund/ From left to right: Christopher Ward, Peter Ellis, Mike France
  12. There was a forum post somewhere saying you can not buy the bracelet separately from Casio.
  13. This is a combination of 2 of the LE's that are considered on the CW Forum. With a few tweaks swapping out the twin-flags with the word mark and adding Trident Pro on the dial. Just wishful thinking..
  14. Sent from my iPhone XS Max using Tapatalk
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