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  1. That’s really nice. I do fancy a watch with a power reserve indicator.
  2. ^^^^ great watch! I had similar but the brand name at 9 spoiled mine!! Also the bracelet didn’t have the fine/quick adjustment!
  3. ^^^^ looks good what’s the reference number? My Blue Lagoon Turtle on it’s steel bracelet - which is how I prefer to wear it.
  4. I think the previous model was available for around £300 about 18 months ago when it was discontinued. The new ones are going to be about £570 😲
  5. Dispite the much higher price I think they will still be popular! And tbh they will still be good value!
  6. EddieTheBeast


    I met up with Leon from BOLDR last Sunday in London (he is from Singapore 🇸🇬 and it was his first visit to the UK 🇬🇧) to try on some of their watches. I was mainly interested in the second version of the Expedition which is currently at a lower pre-order price until the end of September, when delivery is expected. I will say I was very impressed with the Expedition watch. It looked good, is very well made and durable. Making it ideal as an actual field watch! Has anyone else had this brand on their radar? I’m considering pulling the trigger on one! Expedition watch on BOLDR website
  7. I agree this is great news as I love my Alpinist and will consider adding one of the new ones in black. But the new price will make them much more expensive than the original Alpinist was! Also I’m not sure if black could be anywhere near as beautiful as the sunburst green! I did think the 38mm size was going to be too small for my 7.25” wrist. However, for a field watch the size works well. I would honestly say that if you’ve never seen the Alpinist in the metal, it is much better than it looks in any photos - is absolutely amazingly beautiful!! ⌚️💚 http://snupp.it/GlLfSk
  8. No, I didn’t buy the Samurai Great White Shark in the end, because I think it will be too similar in colour to my Blue Lagoon Turtle, that I bought soon after selling my Samurai. Tbh I bought the Turtle BL for the same price that I sold the Samurai StO and I think I have a much better watch: The limited edition Blue Lagoon Turtle is very difficult to buy and keeps going up in value; it came in a special box with both a rubber strap and steel bracelet; and it has the most amazing sunburst blue dial. Also I’m finding it gains about 2 seconds a day, compared to my Samurai which gained about 10 secs day! So despite my reluctance to sell my Save the Ocean Samurai, it all ended well and I no longer want the Great White Shark Samurai, as I’m very happy with my Blue Lagoon Turtle. I’ve also found that after trying lots of different straps on my Blue Lagoon Turtle I much prefer the look of it on its steel bracelet. http://snupp.it/fcTfo5
  9. Thanks Tim, these two links are fantastic! 👍😎
  10. Nice find Frank! Loving some of the new releases!! The Black Cat Martini, Mockingbird and Old Fashioned Cocktail Time watches look sensational!! 😍 This is good to follow: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/**new-upcoming-seiko-watches**-2393034-1115.html
  11. I sold my Save the Ocean (SRPC93) about a week ago but not bought the Great White Shark Samurai! I realise it's the same shade of blue as my Blue Lagoon Turtle! 😀
  12. Some nice watches - my favourites being the Seiko SPB053 and the Christopher Ward C60 GMT (With the better logo at 12, where it belongs!).
  13. Love that Seiko - such a lovely shade of blue!! It's good to have the correct tool watch for the job! ⌚👌😎
  14. Blue Lagoon on a midnight blue leather nato! ⌚🌊🐢
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