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  1. I think the twin flag logo needs to be prominent at 12. The best looking watch to come out recently, and the only one I'd buy, was the Facebook limited edition. The ghost / stealth logo just smacks of childishly not wanting to admit they've made a massive mistake and stubbornly refusing to acknowledge it whilst still trying to appease the masses. I don't think the full "Christopher ward" text works anywhere on the dial but I could live with it at 9 if it had a prominent twin flag at 12. I know they've tried just the twin flags, but that was on, IMO, a lack luster Motorsport range that wouldn't of sold well with any logo.
  2. Hi Chris, I have indeed read the knife thread's and must say "don't mention the war" has been comedy gold. The mods not responding is a common tactic they use regularly. Every time they comment it refreshes the thread to the top, if they don't comment they hope it moves down the order and disappears. This ploy is used on all threads that are uncomfortable for them to deal with. Once the topic disappears from the top page, Kip will send out threatening emails, to all the contributors, that read along the lines of... "You agreed to the rules when you joined" "The rules are not open for discussion or debate" "This isn't a democracy" "Kip's word is final" "You will not mention the subject again (or this threatening email) or you will be banned for life."
  3. Well we tried Frank. I'm sure if the appeal had come from anyone other than me, the CW mods would have at least acknowledge the issue. Sadly they're far more concerned with censoring talk of chef's knives than protecting an actual individual. (You couldn't make this up) I can't say i'm surprised. The moderation on the CW forum is as hit and miss as CW's customer service.
  4. A big "Thank you" to all the members of the CW forum who have responded to mine and Frank's request and taken action. I wasn't sure how my request would go down (being from a former / banned member) but it's heartening to see the response / action taken. Just to clarify. ... I haven't asked anyone to delete their posts or amend the content, merely to remove the employee 's surname. Anyone who thinks this is unreasonable or unwarranted, please take a look at your own displayed screen name.. I'll bet it's not your actual "full name" and employment details displayed. Now ask yourself truthfully why you've chosen to withhold those details but think it's ok to reveal someone else's to the whole world? If you type the employee's name into Google, the CW forum chat is the 4th result to appear on page 1. I'm sure none of us would like our work mistakes to be the 4th thing any person finds out about us. Especially if they're probably not your fault to start with. I don't think this employee has done anything that requires permanent public ridicule. If you have a complaint about an individual employee, then by all means contact the company directly and name / shame the employee TO THEIR EMPLOYER and let them take the appropriate action. (I'm sure they will eventually respond???) In my mind, it has no place on a public forum whilst hiding behind your own anonymity. Thank you again to all for your help. Chris
  5. Thanks Frank, very much appreciated. I hate to use your forum to address the issue but after emailing and tweeting the admin at CWF directly without response, I felt it needed highlighting. Thanks again Chris
  6. This one seemed appropriate today. If it was an auto,instead of a quartz, it would easily be my favourite CW I've owned. (Not sure they ever made an auto red bezel in MK1 tho?? )
  7. The C60 GMT was the second CW bought and the first to arrive. It sparked my recent buying / selling sprees but is still a firm favourite and I can't ever envision selling it. (the photo doesn't do it justice either) You're right, it's as good as it's ever likely to get with regards to logo.
  8. An open letter to all Christopher Ward Forum members Firstly an apology to Frank and Horology world for raising this issue here but unfortunately I have no voice on the forum. (I'm banned for life) Secondly, I've raised this issue directly with the forum administration via email, and their twitter account, but no action has been taken or any acknowledgement / response given. I'd like to draw you attention to the forum's “Rules and Etiquette”, more specifically rule "To maintain the friendly atmosphere, we do not allow posts containing or relating to: Personal attacks on others" I'm urging all contributors of the topic “CW Customer Service - Time to give U"p https://www.christopherwardforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=52286&p=778018#p778018 to reconsider their posts carefully and wether their comments breach this rule? Is the rule only in place to protect the moderators of the forum or for all individuals? I'd also like you all to consider the future implications of your comments on an “open to view” pubic forum. In the posts a member of CW staff has had their full name disclosed and some pretty derogatory remarks made. Members of CW staff aren't allowed to comment on the forum so the employee has no way to defend themselves. Their name is pretty distinctive and a quick search would reveal they are just 22 and are leaving CW's employ. It's unclear at this stage weather that's voluntary or forced, but either way they will be searching for alternative employment and any future prospective employer, who carries out any social media search, will be met with numerous comments on their perceived ineptitude. Not to mention the potential harm these very public remarks will have on the said employee. Now I agree the customer service has been abysmal but this is nothing new My first CW watch was sent out with misaligned indices, My second was running minutes a day fast, I've been sent a white dial C60 when I returned a black dial to CW for repair I've had “NEW” watches arrived dirty and scratched I've returned watches with new bracelets only for them to arrive back with second hand bracelets I've had a watch “lost” and mysteriously re-appear days later I've had to request returns bags numerous times before they arrive I've had leather nato strap sent when I orders a normal strap I've had email's ignored by numerous employees and even by 2 of the founders (apparently they were filtered out due to having picture attachments) ALL of these issues pre date the employee being singled out. Do any of you actually think this employee is some “loose cannon” causing chaos at CW or, is it more likely they're overwhelmed with customers issues, lack of staff, poor systems & procedures and doing the best they can in a difficult situation? History would suggest it's the latter. All i'm asking is, please remove the employees surnames. It doesn't detract from the content and doesn't hinder a young persons life / well being. Thanks Chris
  9. Latest addition....It's no Omega, but it was no where near the cost either.
  10. Thanks McDaWisel, I suspect you've ordered the newer version with the logo at 9pm not 12? Hopefully they've improved the lume on the newer ones. It's a great stealth watch tho and very light. It's the watch I chose to bring on a 4 day stag do in Poland recently so it obviously gets my approval. I had a friend at school that had the remote watch, it was very cool then but I still had a betamax video player with a lead attached to the remote so wouldn't of been much use to me.
  11. Cheers for the pictures Frank. I'm still not swayed tho. I think they'll struggle with press too as the hour hand doesn't photograph at all well. The silver always seems to disappear on one side and make the hand look bent no matter which angle you look at it. Could be a real problem for an internet only company. I know all the CW's I've had in the past always looked much better in the flesh but will Joe public take the leap?
  12. oh dear...where to start... Hideous blemish at 9, fuzzy felt logo at 12, the poorly implemented hand rear / lume over lap, the missing guilloche, the lack of 40mm GMT, the lack of 38 or 40 MM LE, the crown guards that don't guard the crown (why did they bother) or the price of the LE??? At this point I'm convinced CW are deliberately listening to peoples wishes and doing the exact opposite to be "edgy" The case, case back and the lumed bezel are all very nice but not enough to convince me to overlook the rest. Saved me a few quid tho.
  13. I had a C60 GMT 38mm for a while but found I always chose to wear the black GMT so sold the white. Think it was just the lack of contrast between hands and dial. If I had a Black Bay, An Oris and a Bremont then I'd have to seriously reduce the size of my collection to. You're asking the wrong person for recommendations I'm afraid. Your collection exceeds my spending threshold by some considerable margin. My biggest barrier to wearing watches is not wanting to risk damaging an expensive item so I tend to wear the cheaper ones more often. My most expensive watches are around the £500 mark and they get pampered, I'm definitely not ready for higher end watch despite continually checking out the Tudor BB's and Pelagos models. I sold my Hamilton Khaki Titanium and instantly regretted it. I've now bought another one and lost over £100 in the process. The new one doesn't have the deep "record grooves" on the dial like the original, despite being the exact same model, so I'm really annoyed I sold it. I've now got a "temporary subs bench" for watches. They get taken out of the collection for 3 months to see if I miss them before being sold. The four at the top of the page are listed on eBay at the moment. The Seiko sold and was sent on its way today. The 2 CW's were bought on whims and I didn't gel with either. The Aquatico was bought as a cheap replacement when I sold the Hamilton so is now surplus.
  14. Hi Chris, Yeah all good thanks mate. How about yourself? I admire your reserve. Yup final 4, didn't like the other designs / colours. Not sold on the titanium bezel (especially as its not fully lumed like the others). Plus I had a Halios seaforth with silver bezel and sold it immediately after it arrived. (to Reggie747 as it happens) Loved the white as soon as I saw it. I've tried 2 x CW white tridents but the silver hands get washed out, as does the guilloche pattern. I'm hoping the black hands / markers will mean I'll finally keep a white dial in my collection. The black looks amazing, in the few instagram real life pictures I've seen, and you can't go wrong with black. I like blue dials and always wanted a yellow watch. I have one now (a modified skx) but the dials on the "wonk" and it irritates me no end. I've also listed the 4 on eBay, had some silly offers and some enquires from abroad but no luck so far. Whats prompted the clear out? Got your eye on something?
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