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  1. Thanks. This is a bespoke watch commissioned by a group of Harrier ground and flight crew. There were 150 made. I am not a member of the group, but when I found out CW had one left for sale a couple of months ago I snatched it up as I served in the Royal Marines during the Falklands War and the Harriers were our protectors in the sky. Here is the CW blog that talks about this each. https://www.christopherward.com/blog/bespoke-watch-tales-2-the-harrier-c7-a-timepiece-that-pays-tribute-to-a-legend/
  2. I really love the blue dial on this C65. It's a shame they still don't make it.
  3. The Christopher Ward C7 Chronograph MkII Joint Force Harrier edition is a bespoke watch with only 150 copies made.
  4. Sounds good. I think both ways would work fine. There still might be some advantage, however, to having separate categories so a member could easily go to a specific category without having to use the search function and quickly scroll through all of the albums with that brand in them. It's just a thought, but visually it might be better.
  5. mvlow

    Hamilton Khaki Field

    Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm
  6. I really like my X-T2. I came from a Nikon Full frame system (Nikon D750) and have no regrets. The X-t2 with fuji glass is a great combo. I have not tried the X-t20 but it seems it is a good alternative if you don't want the weather proofing of the X-T2.
  7. That makes sense. If I have an image I want to upload into a specific gallery and their is already an existing album for that particular model, should I post the image in the album created by someone else or create a second album for the image(s). for example I have pictures of the CW c60 Vintage and you have already set up an album for that model in the CW gallery. Should I just post in your album or create another C60 Vintage album? Just trying to understand how you see things being organized so I don't create a bunch of clutter.
  8. Thanks Frank. I thought I would test how easy it is to post images. It seems like an album for each particular brand might be good for people searching for specific watches. An album for Omega, CW, Rolex, Seiko etc. Creating the Hamilton album and posting the image was intuitive and easy. It was interesting to see how much exif data it shows on the image.
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