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  • Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S review


    This new Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S was introduced in April 2019 and appears to be an addition to the model line instead of a replacement of another model. The OCW-T200S-1AJF model in this review  with the dark blue dial and steel bracelet was purchased in Japan recently and I have had a couple of weeks with the watch on my wrist.

    This review will start with discussing all the features and how it performs. I also owned the titanium three-hand model OCW-S100 before (find the review here: link) and will go into all the similarities and differences as well.


    Overview and design

    This new Oceanus is available in three different models. A dark blue and light blue dial on stainless steel bracelet and a mid-blue dial that comes with both a blue and a brown leather strap. The straps have quick-release spring bars for easy strap changes. The colors that show in the stock pictures are close to real life but will of course change a bit in different light situations. It was a bit difficult to choose between the models as they all have their own unique qualities. 

    The dark-blue sunray dial sometimes looks black and pops in direct sunlight. The light-blue dial is a color you don't see very often and it is a nice shade. While the hands are not as contrasting with the dial as the dark blue model, it was still very easy to read the time. The mid-blue dial was actually my favorite but of course doesn't come with the bracelet. The leather straps felt nice and comfortable. I will focus on the dark-blue model that I purchased but most applies to the other models as well.


    The size of the bezel is 40mm and it feels and wears like a true 40mm watch, very similar to my Damasko DA36. The lug-to-lug size is 49 mm and the lug width is 20 mm. These are standard lugs so you can wear it on the bracelet and any leather or fabric nato strap. Most nato straps should fit fine but thicker zulu or seatbelt straps may not fit between the case and spring bars.

    The stainless steel case is mostly brushed with a few polished sides and edges. The sapphire crystal is flat and is framed by a flat brushed bezel. The dial looks very clean and just has the Casio and Oceanus names and the Oceanus manta logo. The sun-ray dial  is very nicely done and you can not see any solar charging details at all. The date is big and easy to read. The bracelet is good quality and is comfortable to wear.

    The combined weight is only 133 grammes so it wears light on the wrist compared to many of my other watches. The regular bracelet links are 9 mm long and there are two 2/3 links of 6 mm each. This means you can adjust the bracelet in 3mm increments. There also are 2 pairs of adjustment holes on the bracelet for 3 mm adjustments as well. The links are joined together with a pin and collar and removing or adding links is quick and easy. 



    This ACW-T200S has the regular features of other Oceanus models like Multiband 6 radio wave reception for automatic daily time syncing (in Japan, North America, Europe and China), tough movement and solar charging, automatic positioning of the hands so they always hit the dial markers perfectly, full auto calendar and water resistance of 10 bar. Most of us are familiar with these features so I won't be going into any detail here.

    An exciting new feature is the Mobile Link function that allows to pair the watch with a smartphone through Bluetooth. Pairing the watch with an iPhone was very easy with the Oceanus Connected app you can download from the app store for iOS and Android (see links below).

    The app has only a few basic features so don't expect any smart watch functionality. The main functionality is time sync when the watch is not within range of the radio transmitters. Another reason to like this app is switching between time zones as it can sync the watch to the same time on your phone. The procedure is very simple: open the app on your phone, hold the button on the watch for about 2 seconds until the hand points to RC on the dial and you will see the hands (and date) magically move to the new local time where you are at, providing you have auto time adjust set on your phone.

    Changing the time zone can also be done manually using the crown on the watch. Just pull it out and turn the crown to the new time zone. As there are no city markings on the dial or bezel, you select the time zone as an offset to UTC. UTC is the 12 o'clock dial position and offsets are to the left or right of the 00 dial marker. For example, Eastern Standard Time in the USA is UTC -5 so you would point the seconds hand to 0:55 on the dial. Time in Japan is UTC+ 9 so you would point the hand to 0:09 on the dial.


    Availability and price

    This OCW-T200S-1AJF was purchased at BIC Camera in Osaka and they have many stores in the larger cities in Japan. Yodobashi is another large chain with a wide selection of watches by many brands. The Oceanus model range is JDM (Japan Domestic Market) only so you would have to buy online when you'r outside Japan.

    They can be found on eBay, from a variety of online sellers like Seiya Japan, Japan Online Store or Shopping in Japan. All these stores are trustworthy  places to buy and often have great reviews in the online watch community. Another good place to buy is on Rakuten Global Market which is a marketplace with many sellers in Japan. Sign up for the cash-back site Rakuten (formerly eBates) and you may get a deal with the 10 -20% cashback promotions they frequently run.

    BIC Camera shows all their prices without the 8% sales tax. You don't have to pay sales tax as a tourist and you will have to show your passport for the tax-free price. Price was ¥ 42 000 but they provided a 5% discount when paying with credit card so total price came to ¥ 39 995 which is about US$ 365 or €325 at current exchange rates. Prices online are often a bit higher but you can still find a good deal with some patience.

    Differences between the S100 and T200



    Size: The difference of 1mm between the S100 and T200 may not sound like much but they look and feel different on the wrist. The S100 may be more suitable for smaller wrists but I like the slightly bigger size and weight of the T200.

    Design: The cleaner dial of the T200 together with the slightly more angular case design, straight blade-shaped hands and flat crystal makes the T200 look a bit more casual and sportier than the S100 with its sword-style hands, domed crystal and more flowing case design. It is good to see Casio didn't put Tough Mvt. on the dial of the T200.

    Materials: The titanium S100 is definitely lighter than the stainless steel T200. The S100 was a bit too light in weight for me and I prefer the feel and look of stainless steel vs titanium. But this is just personal preference.

    Functionality: the link with Bluetooth is a nice feature to have but may not be important for others. The city names on the dial of the S100 may make time zone adjust a bit easier if you don't use the app on the T200. On the other hand, the lack of city names makes for a cleaner look on the T200.

    Straps: The only choice you have is to wear it on the bracelet with the S100 because of the integrated lug and bracelet design. The T200 is definitely more versatile with the standard lug design so you can wear it on bracelet, fabric/rubber/ leather straps like any other watch.

    Price: List and street prices for the titanium S100 (¥ 68,000) are higher than the new T200 (¥ 60,000). While not a huge difference, it may make a difference choosing one over the other.



    Casio Oceanus watches are priced a bit higher than the average quartz watch but there definitely is a difference in finishing, quality and  technology that makes it worth the higher price. This watch is manufactured at Casio's premium production line in Yamagata so Made in Japan which is always a plus. I think all Oceanus watches are made in Japan but can't confirm that for sure.

    Should you get the S100 or this newer T200? Is one better than the other? Both have their unique features, quality and designs so it completely depends on personal preference. The S100 is a classic design and looks a bit more upscale. It is model that has been for sale for a while and is praised by many in the online watch community. It may be more suitable for smaller wrists or if you just prefer smaller watches.

    The T200 is the new kid on the block and definitely a bit sportier and cleaner in design. The Bluetooth connectivity is a plus for me and I like the slightly larger size and higher weight for a more substantial feel on the wrist. But you can't go wrong with either one and the most difficult part is choosing between the dark blue, mid blue or light blue dial colors and leather strap or bracelet.

    The batch code for this particular watch shows it was manufactured on the 64th day of 2019 which is  March 5th. This watch was purchased with my own money and I didn't receive any financial or other compensation for making this review.

    Do you have any questions, information to add, found any errors in this review or just want share some thoughts about this review or the watch? Please share your comments below!

    Actual measured dimensions


    Case diameter: 41 mm
    Bezel diameter: 40 mm 
    Width at 3 to 9 o'clock including crown: 43.5 mm
    Height: 11 mm 
    Lug-to-lug: 49 mm
    Lug width: 20mm 
    Bracelet width at clasp: 18mm
    Weight including bracelet: 133 grammes


    Case and bezel diameter: 39mm
    Width at 3 to 9 o'clock including crown: 43mm
    Height: 10.7 mm
    Lug-to-lug: 45 mm
    Lug width: 21 mm
    Bracelet width at clasp: 18mm
    Weight including bracelet: 84 grammes

    Manual: https://support.casio.com/en/manual/manualsearch.php?cid=009&MODULE=5596

    Apple iOS store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/oceanus-connected/id1179979492
    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.casio.premium.oceanus&hl=en_US












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    Ich bin Niederlander aber Deutsch kann Ich gut verstehen. :)

    Owning and using this watch has been effortless after 3 months. It just always works, switches time zones automatically through Bluetooth and synchs with Internet Time Servers and Radio signal. Together with the classic look of a regular watch, comfortable bracelet and very reasonable price, I can still highly recommend these watches. 


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    Guest Peter


    Nou, dan houden we het bij Engels..

    I have started an online picture gallery of quartz watches.  With watches, whose second hand hits the indices very well and also of those, whose second hand hits next to it.

    Do you have any idea how I could get such pictures?

    Best Regards

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